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The Boetie Option: The Peaceful Underthrow Of The State

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The Boetie Option: The Peaceful Underthrow Of The State

A discussion of Murray Rothbard’s Introduction to Etienne de la Boetie’s “The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude”. The connection of La Boetie’s essay to the French Reformed is explained. Also highlighted is the main idea of the Discourse, that state tyranny relies on popular compliance, and when such compliance is withdrawn, the tyranny ends.  [Direct mp3 download]


00:00 Start
00:32 Episode description
Rothbard’s introduction
La Boetie’s essay, The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude
01:24 About Murray Rothbard
01:44 Summary of Rothbard’s introduction
04:55 Flashes Of Liberty on La Boetie
05:06 Summary of La Boetie’s bio and the French Reformed (Huguenot) connection
About Huguenots
A 3 part presentation from Bill Edgar on Huguenots: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
08:48 The question of the consent of the governed
12:32 Episode 2 on Romans 13
13:45 The peaceful underthrow of the state by withdraw of popular compliance
15:41 Larken Rose’s videos
The Tiny Dot
The Jones Plantation
16:27 Working together to spread the message
The First Follower video
18:12 The Velvet Revolution
18:43 The crucial educational task of de-bamboozling


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