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Guest Appearance

Reformed Theology (and more) on the City Square Podcast

Summary – Reformed Theology (and more) on the City Square Podcast

On this week’s podcast episode, we have the pleasure of hosting Gregory Baus, the co-host of the Reformed Libertarians Podcast. He’s an independent writer, theologically reformed and politically libertarian. In a candid, off-the-cuff conversation, Gregory shares insights for understanding political libertarianism from a theologically Reformed perspective, among other important topics.


  • 00:00 Start
  • 01:40 A covenant child
  • 04:58 Orthodox Presbyterian
  • 10:21 Confessionally reformed
  • 13:25 Reformed worship
  • 21:13 Eastern Orthodoxy
  • 24:38 Academic calling
  • 27:34 Neo-Calvinism
  • 31:50 Libertarianism
  • 36:09 Anarchism
  • 46:49 Christian nationalism
  • 57:07 Reformed (covenantal, redemptive-historical) Biblical Theology
  • 59:19 Reformational philosophy
  • 1:04:47 The Habit Of Thought, by Michael Strong
  • 1:07:27 Covenant Lord And Cultic Boundary, by Michael Beck
  • 1:08:34 Politics After Christendom, by David VanDrunen
  • 1:13:37 Close


Gregory Baus bio, youtube, and other links:

Raised in covenant nurture (see And the God of thy Seed):

The Orthodox Presbyterian Church:
“Children’s Catechism”

Westminster Standards (1788 American revisions)
American Presbyterian History and audio of first article:

Seeking A Better Country: 300 Years of American Presbyterianism, by Darryl Hart and John Muether

North American Presbyterian and Reformed Council (NAPARC denominations)

The Creedal Imperative, by Carl Trueman
see also updated version Crisis of Confidence: Reclaiming the Historic Faith

The Need For Creeds Today, by J.V. Fesko

G.I. Williamson’s study guides


The Necessity Of Reforming The Church (1543) by John Calvin

The Heavenly Pattern of Worship on biblical liturgical order, by Peter Wallace

With Reverence and Awe: Returning to the Basics of Reformed Worship, by Darryl Hart and John Muether

Recovering The Reformed Confession: Our Theology, Piety, and Practice, by R. Scott Clark

Icon Veneration: this is reason enough to be Protestant, by Gavin Ortlund of Truth Unites

Reformed (covenantal, redemptive-historical) Biblical Theology

  1. Biblical Theology, by Geerhardus Vos:
  2. The Coming of the Kingdom, by Herman Ridderbos:
  3. Kingdom Prologue, by Meredith Kline:
  4. The Temple and the Church’s Mission, by G.K Beale
  5. videos by Lee Irons: and Santa Clarita URC Friday Night Academy


Can Christian Civil Government Be Theocratic?

Herman Dooyeweerd Collected Works (English language translations)
Dooyeweerd’s own best intro, see first 2 chapters (pages 1-93):

The Habit of Thought, by Michael Strong

The Heart of A Cheetah, by Magatte Wade

Covenant Lord and Cultic Boundary, by Michael Beck
Two-Age Sojourner Podcast on Kline and Dooyeweerd

Politics After Christendom, by David VanDrunen

Reformed Political Resistance Theology annotated bibliography

An Open Letter To Christian Singles


The Reformed Libertarians Podcast is a project of the Libertarian Christian Institute  and a member of the Christians for Liberty Network

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