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Guest Appearance

Reformed Libertarianism on the Californian Liberty Project

In Episode 32, my guests are Kerry Baldwin and Gregory Baus. Kerry and Gregory co-host the Reformed Libertarians podcast. We discussed several different topics including the relationship between Christianity, anarchy, and the state; Christian & libertarian approaches to abortion, prostitution, etc.; morality and the law; Romans Chapter 13; subsidiarity – and much more!

Also, in the first few minutes of this episode, I discuss California’s simultaneous rain/flood emergency and never-ending “drought state of emergency.” California’s abusive laws and idiotic regulations have ensured that the state will always careen sinusoidally from one emergency to another – even though everyone knows in advance that California usually has rainy winters and dry summers.


The Reformed Libertarians Podcast is a project of the Libertarian Christian Institute  and a member of the Christians for Liberty Network

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