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Reformed Resistance with Gregory Baus

Reformed Resistance with Gregory Baus

The following is an outline of topics for this video: 00:00 Pastor Aldo general and topic intro 03:07 About Gregory 08:12 The Main Question: Must we obey civil govt in all things except its requiring us to sin? 13:50 Civil govt’s actions outside the God-ordained limited jurisdiction are illegitimate and sinful. 17:37 1 Corinthians 6:1-8 contradicts ‘providential’ view 19:20 Romans 13:1-7 (ESV) 21:03 Contrasting the wrong view and the right view 24:31 “Providential” view makes all civil power arbitrary; “might-makes-right”. 31:32 Hosea 8:4 shows prescriptive view 37:32 Hebrews 13:17 also prescriptive. 39:24 Question: 1 Peter? Babylonian exile? 43:51 Correction! Milton wrote Paradise Lost (not, ‘Divine Comedy’ by Dante). 44:09 No NT commanded to suffer, or to not avoid suffering. 48:02 The Reformed Political Resistance Theology annotated bibliography 50:42 Providence cannot be the basis for moral duty. 55:17 A problem of idolatry. 58:40 Question: Why prescriptive view not taught anymore? 1:27:23 Gregory’s closing thoughts 1:31:18 Pastor Aldo’s closing thoughts *Important caveat: while some Reformed authors did teach an erroneous ‘providential’ view, that view was rejected by the Reformed churches in their confessions.

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