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Guest Appearance

Restless Podcast: The Case for Reformed Libertarianism

Summary – Restless Podcast: The Case for Reformed Libertarianism

We only discuss part of the principles of Reformed Libertarianism with our guest Gregory Baus. He is one of the Hosts of the Reformed Libertarians Podcast. Specifically we discuss why, instead of some form of Christian Nationalism, Reformed Christians should support the consistent civil disestablishment of religion. If you don’t know what that means, don’t worry, Greg will explain it to you.
See Greg’s article “Against Civil Establishment of Religion” and The Reformed Libertarianism Statement and Principles.

On the Patreon, I discuss with Gregory- the compatibility and workability of anarchism within Reformed Christianity.


The Reformed Libertarians Podcast is a project of the Libertarian Christian Institute  and a member of the Christians for Liberty Network

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