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Guest Appearance

Romans 13 & Stateless Civil Governance with Gregory Baus

Romans 13 & Stateless Civil Governance with Gregory Baus

Is an elected official’s authority automatically ordained by God? What is Jesus referring to when he says “render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s”? In the episode, Gregory Baus delves into Romans 13 and stateless civil governance.

Are Christians required by God to submit to the governing authorities, even when they are tyrannical or immoral? Are all elected officials ordained by God? Is “render to Caesar” referring to a Biblical requirement for Christians to pay taxes? All of the questions and more are answered in this episode. Craig and Gregory also discuss their transition into anarchism and Gregory’s nomadic lifestyle, along with touching on reformed theology and how that affects an anarchist interpretation of Romans 13.

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1:50 Gregory’s background

11:15 Transition to anarchism

28:45 Proper understanding of individualism within anarchism

31:45 Romans 13 and Stateless Civil Governance: A Reformed View by Gregory’s Baus

45:25 Nomadic Lifestyle

49:00 Dave Ramsey

49:45 Gregory’s plugs

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