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The Five Elements and Epochs of The Kingdom Of God

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Summary – The Five Elements and Epochs of The Kingdom Of God

An introduction to a Reformed view of the Kingdom of God in its 5 elements and its 5 covenantally-administered epochs, culminating in the Kingdom’s definitive consummation in the New Creation. The relation between Christian cultural activity and the Kingdom of God is also clarified. [Direct mp3 download]

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Main Points of Discussion

00:00 Introduction
00:32 Episode description
01:03 Kingdom of God as the New Creation and central to Bible and all reality
03:25 5 “Royal” Elements
Ruler, Realm, Reign, those Ruled, Regulation by Covenant
05:31 Covenant in Scripture as oath-commitment
Covenants as administering Kingdom of God
07:20 5 Epochs
1. Probation/Proffered
2. Promised
3. Prefigured
4. Present-Inauguration
5. Parousia-Consummation

See”The Grid“:

10:22 Contrary to postmil, premil, and heresy of popular “Evangelical” Dispensationalism
12:15 1st Epoch: Probation – the Covenant of Works
“Eschatology Precedes Soteriology”
17:10 2nd Epoch: Promised – the Protevangelium (Gen. 3:15) and Abrahamic Covenant
The Seed is Christ, the Land is New Creation, the Blessing is Salvation by grace alone, thru faith alone, in Christ alone
19:24 3rd Epoch: Prefigured – the Old Mosaic Covenant
Temporary and typological theocracy
Suspension of normal operations of “common grace”
Non-free market and coercive punishment of non-aggressive immorality
Typological principle of works (covenant blessings & curses)
24:03 4th Epoch: Present-Inauguration – the New Covenant
The gospel, salvation accomplished in history
Crucial distinction between (a) “subjective recognition of Christ’s reign” involving the implications of Christian beliefs for all of life -vs.- (b) “objective realm” of Christ’s Kingdom as the new heavens&earth, presently and uniquely manifest as the institutional church (not as common culture or society)
The gospel, church, and presently-inaugurated Kingdom are NOT “political”
30:25 5th Epoch: Parousia-Consummation – the everlasting, full realization of the New Covenant
Flesh & blood (pre-glorified human nature) cannot inherit the Kingdom, and so requires eschatological transformation, glorified incorruptibility


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