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The Five Elements and Epochs of The Kingdom Of God

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Summary – The Five Elements and Epochs of The Kingdom Of God

An introduction to a Reformed view of the Kingdom of God in its 5 elements and its 5 covenantally-administered epochs, culminating in the Kingdom’s definitive consummation in the New Creation. The relation between Christian cultural activity and the Kingdom of God is also clarified. [Direct mp3 download]

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Main Points of Discussion

00:00 Introduction
00:32 Episode description
01:03 Kingdom of God as the New Creation and central to Bible and all reality
03:25 5 “Royal” Elements
Ruler, Realm, Reign, those Ruled, Regulation by Covenant
05:31 Covenant in Scripture as oath-commitment
Covenants as administering Kingdom of God
07:20 5 Epochs
1. Probation/Proffered
2. Promised
3. Prefigured
4. Present-Inauguration
5. Parousia-Consummation

See”The Grid“:

10:22 Contrary to postmil, premil, and the heresy* [see note below] of popular “Evangelical” Dispensationalism
12:15 1st Epoch: Probation – the Covenant of Works
“Eschatology Precedes Soteriology”
17:10 2nd Epoch: Promised – the Protevangelium (Gen. 3:15) and Abrahamic Covenant
The Seed is Christ, the Land is New Creation, the Blessing is Salvation by grace alone, thru faith alone, in Christ alone
19:24 3rd Epoch: Prefigured – the Old Mosaic Covenant
Temporary and typological theocracy
Suspension of normal operations of “common grace”
Non-free market and coercive punishment of non-aggressive immorality
Typological principle of works (covenant blessings & curses)
24:03 4th Epoch: Present-Inauguration – the New Covenant
The gospel, salvation accomplished in history
Crucial distinction between (a) “subjective recognition of Christ’s reign” involving the implications of Christian beliefs for all of life -vs.- (b) “objective realm” of Christ’s Kingdom as the new heavens&earth, presently and uniquely manifest as the institutional church (not as common culture or society)
The gospel, church, and presently-inaugurated Kingdom are NOT “political”
30:25 5th Epoch: Parousia-Consummation – the everlasting, full realization of the New Covenant
Flesh & blood (pre-glorified human nature) cannot inherit the Kingdom, and so requires eschatological transformation, glorified incorruptibility

Differing forms of Dispensationalism (heretical or not) have been used by some to justify the worst of the United States government’s murderous, warmongering foreign policy. One of Dispensationalism’s erroneous beliefs (in all its forms) is that after the first advent of Christ, God’s promise to give the physical territory of Canaan to the physical descendants of Israel remains in effect.
A doctrinal “heresy” can be understood as a teaching that denies some point of orthodox creedal teaching. The heretical teaching we had in mind (and should have specified) is the belief that prior to Christ’s first advent, or during the era of the Law (or Old Covenant), salvation was not by grace through faith in Christ, the promised Savior. Not all forms of Dispensationalism teach this, however.
For further discussion of Dispensationalism, see this lecture on The New Covenant:

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