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What Do We Mean By “Scripture Alone”?

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Summary – What Do We Mean By “Scripture Alone”?

A reading of the essay “What Do We Mean By Sola Scriptura?” by W. Robert Godfrey, which focuses on explaining some key features of the Protestant principle or doctrine of Sola Scriptura (that is, Scripture Alone). Godfrey defines the principle, discusses several Bible passages that teach it, and answers 4 basic objections.  [Direct mp3 download]

Main Points of Discussion

00:00 Introduction
00:32 Episode description
Article read, What Do We Mean by Sola Scritpura? by Dr. W. Robert Godfrey
It appears as the first chapter in the book Sola Scriptura
02:07 Preliminaries
Sola Scriptura is one of the two main issues that separates Protestants from non-Protestants, along with Sola Fide (that is, justification by faith alone).
Book mentioned Justification By Faith ALONE
04:30 Definition and some passages that teach it
“Scripture alone is our ultimate religious authority [ie, infallible rule]… [and] all things necessary for salvation, concerning faith and life, are taught in the Bible clearly enough for the ordinary believer to find it there and understand.”
For a more elaborate statement, see the Westminster Confession of Faith chapter 1; 20.2; 21.1; and 31.2-3
14:44 The sufficiency of the Bible as God’s Word
15:37 Different senses of the term “tradition”
19:16 Tradition vs. the Bible
21:43 Tradition vs. Tradition
24:44 Recognition of the “canon”, or the specific writings that constitute the Bible
Book mentioned The Structure of Biblical Authority by Meredith G. Kline
33:03 Unity in the interpretation of the Bible


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