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Guest Appearance

What hath Geneva to do with “Ancapistan”? – Can Reformed Christians Be Libertarian?

Summary – Gregory Baus of the Reformed Libertarians Podcast was guest on the Cantus Firmus Podcast with Cody Cook to discuss how Gregory grounds his libertarian views as a Reformed Christian. As an Anabaptist Christian, Cody was a little skeptical at the start of the conversation; but tune in to hear Gregory make his case!

Resources Mentioned:

A confessionally Reformed view of Romans 13 and a stateless civil governance

Charles Lee Iron’s series on reformed covenant theology

Sacred Bond by Brown and Keele

Against Civil Establishment of Religion

Gregory Baus and Jacob Winograd on Societal Sphere Sovereignty

Reformed Political Resistance annotated bibliography

Countering Christian Nationalism (Chris Spangle Show)

Biblical Foundations of Christian Libertarianism (Norman Horn)

Ethics and the old covenant Conquest of Canaan (Biblical Anarchy Podcast)


The Reformed Libertarians Podcast is a project of the Libertarian Christian Institute  and a member of the Christians for Liberty Network

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