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What Makes Civil Government Legitimate?

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What Makes Civil Government Legitimate?

A discussion of the main points of Kerry Baldwin’s article on law and order and the question of the legitimacy of civil governance. John Locke’s three requirements for legitimate civil governance are shown to be not reasons for a limited state, but rather reasons for stateless (non-monopolistic) civil governance. [Direct mp3 download]

00:00 Introduction
00:32 Episode description
Anarchism, Minarchism, and Legitimacy in Civil Governance, by Kerry Baldwin
Video Version
01:15 Article preface
02:08 Summary overview of article
03:53 Locke’s first requirement: third party impartial arbiters of disputes
07:52 Law Without (State) Government explanation
08:10 Locke’s second requirement: settled and known law
10:14 Three Felonies A Day by Harry Silverglate
11:02 Law Merchant
12:28 Locke’s third requirement: effective enforcement and defense
16:18 Not-So-Wild “Wild” West and book


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