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Does the Conquest of Canaan Conflict with Anarchism?

Summary – Does the Conquest of Canaan Conflict with Anarchism?

In this episode, I sit down with fellow CFLN podcast host Gregory Baus, for a discussion on the conquest of Canaan as depicted in the OT Scripture. Often when talking about libertarian anarchist philosophy or the libertarian critiques of the state, the topic of war comes up. Libertarian anarchists generally take oppositional positions on war, often depicting themselves as being anti-war on the whole.

As Christians, our view on war should be, as with all things, be informed by a sound reading and understanding of Scripture. Often then the pushback from the Christian worldview against the anarchist/anti-war position is that God commanded wars of conquest in the OT and therefore Christianity cannot be compatible with the anarchist position against war.

Greg and I both take a high view of Scripture and both are self-described Libertarian Anarchists. In our conversation we dive into this objection and answer it by unpacking the conquest of Canaan to understand where it fits into God’s sovereign redemptive plan, and hope to demonstrate that the Conquest of Canaan doesn’t teach that wars of conquests can be normative, or in keeping with God’s revealed will, in the new covenant era.

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