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Guest Appearance

Reformed Libertarianism with Gregory Baus on Mere Liberty

Summary – Reformed Libertarians with Gregory Baus

Today I’m announcing a new podcast that I’ve been working on and will be co-hosting. Many of you know that I’m a Reformed Christian who is also libertarian. But what you may not realize, is the extent to which my libertarian views are grounded in the Reformed faith. For the past years, I’ve been one of the only Reformed libertarians with a major platform.

This has created a challenge to me to provide content on seemingly disparate topics, but this takes away from my ability to focus in the topics I’m better known for and would prefer to refine my focus on. So today, I’m making an announcement about this new project with my friend and colleague, Gregory Baus.

I will be co-hosting this new podcast, in addition to this podcast, Dare to Think – which will only get better. I’m excited about the opportunities. Join me, Kerry Baldwin with Gregory Baus, as we Dare to Think about introducing libertarianism to the Reformed world.

Main Points of Discussion

00:00 Introduction
01:26 How we came to start this new project
Previous episodes with Gregory Baus on culture
02:56 What’s the purpose of this podcast?
Definition of libertarianism
04:48 Typical Objections: “Profit over people” or “Do whatever we want”
Austrian Economic Theory
“If we care about human life, society, this warrants coercing groups to get along”
Principles of justice, morality, conception of human nature, nature of society and how it operates
10:14 Didn’t John Calvin believe in using the magistrate to enforce Christianity?
Coming to confess disestablishmentarian
13:42 What about Christian Nationalism?
Mixture of more or less precise definitions of Christian Nationalism create confusion and rejects the best Covenant Theology
16:28 Is libertarianism is a viable idea to begin with?
When is the optimal time explore the ideas of freedom and prosperity?
Shouldn’t we just make the best out of the system we have?
Overton Window: a set of ideas which are “thinkable.”
21:23 Not a political commentary podcast;
Mission of the new podcast

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The Reformed Libertarians Podcast is a project of the Libertarian Christian Institute  and a member of the Christians for Liberty Network

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